Terms of Sale

1‭. ‬Payment for Goods

1.1‭. ‬All orders must be paid for in full at time of purchase‭.‬

1.2‭. ‬No stock will be released or ordered from suppliers until payment for order is received in full‭.‬


2‭. ‬Collection of Goods‭ (‬excluding Clearance and‭ ‬‘Display’‭ ‬Goods‭)‬

2.1‭. ‬All goods must be collected within four weeks of the order being fulfilled in store‭ (‬excluding Clearance and‭ ‬‘Display’‭ ‬Stock‭, ‬see section 3‭.).‬

2.2‭. ‬If an order has not been collected within four weeks‭, ‬all goods will be returned to stock‭, ‬and a 20%‭ ‬restocking fee will apply‭. ‬No prices will be honoured if goods are re-ordered‭, ‬and Local Lighting will not be responsible if goods are no longer available when re-ordering‭.‬

2.3‭. ‬Local Lighting will contact you via phone or SMS when the order has been fulfilled in store‭.‬

2.4‭. ‬Unless arranged prior to purchase‭, ‬orders will not be delivered‭. ‬Charges and wait times may apply for delivery‭.‬


3‭. ‬Sale of Clearance and‭ ‬‘Display’‭ ‬Goods

3.1‭. ‬All Clearance and‭ ‬‘Display’‭ ‬Stock must be paid for in full at time of purchase‭.‬

3.2‭. ‬All Clearance and‭ ‬‘Display’‭ ‬Stock must be collected at time of purchase‭.‬

3.3‭. ‬‘Display’‭ ‬Stock is purchased‭ ‬‘As-is’‭ ‬and may not be sold with original packaging‭. ‬Local Lighting will not be responsible for any blemishes or imperfections in the finish of‭ ‬‘Display’‭ ‬Stock‭. ‬

3.4‭. ‬All‭ ‬‘Display’‭ ‬stock should be checked for any imperfections prior to purchase‭. ‬

3.5‭. ‬All Clearance and‭ ‬‘Display’‭ ‬stock is covered by the goods standard warranty‭.‬


3‭. ‬Personal Information

3.1‭. ‬A name and contact phone number must be provided for all orders‭. ‬Orders will not be processed without this information‭.‬

3.2‭. ‬A delivery address must be provided for all orders where delivery has been arranged‭. ‬Delivery will not be arranged for orders without this information‭.‬

3.3‭. ‬All personal information will be used in accordance with all Government regulations‭, ‬and our privacy policy‭. ‬


4‭. ‬Faulty goods‭:‬

4.1‭. ‬All fittings are covered by a warranty‭ as indicated by Consumer and Business Affairs. The warranty period and conditions vary for each product‭. ‬We will only cover faults in products within this time frame and within these conditions‭.‬

4.2‭. ‬We reserve the right to pass on a warranty claim to the relevant supplier‭.‬

4.3‭. ‬Contact us either by phone or email as soon as a fault is discovered‭. ‬We will then provide you options relevant to your product‭.‬


5‭. ‬Damaged goods‭:‬

5.1‭. ‬Contact us via phone or email within 14‭ ‬days of collection/delivery of any faults or damages in new goods directly after purchase‭. ‬We will not cover any damages after this time‭.‬