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Aug / 05

6 Slick Bedroom Lighting Solutions For Your Home

If you want to experiment with creative lighting solutions, the bedroom is the best place in the home to do it. Lighting options in the kitchen, bathroom, study and living room are typically governed by practical considerations. But in the bedroom, you can play with more ambient, adventurous lighting ideas, such as floor lamps, dimmers... Read More >>
Jul / 01

4 Easy Lighting Makeover Ideas

  We make jokes about how easy it is to change a light bulb, but when you see how much better your home looks with new lights, the decision to upgrade is seriously a no-brainer. These four simple lighting upgrade ideas will make your home look better and run more efficiently – too easy. Back... Read More >>
Jun / 17

Cool Tips on Finding the Best Ceiling Fan

As temperatures soar, it’s time to dust off your ceiling fan and give it a good spin. Let that fan work it’s magic like a gentle summer breeze, circulating the air to cool you down. If your hottest rooms don’t have ceiling fans, consider investing in some before you start to really feel the heat.... Read More >>
Jun / 01

The Many Types of Led Lights

Whatever you’re looking to illuminate, LED lighting is a fantastic option. Short for Light Emitting Diode, LEDs light up households and businesses alike, providing a range of benefits along the way. LEDs are known to last longer, be more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly.   But what are the different types of LEDs Let’s find out... Read More >>
May / 19

Top 5 Lighting Trends for 2016

Lighting technology and design has come a long way since Thomas Edison patented the first commercially practical bulb in 1879. His game-changing invention lit up the innovation pathway leading to today’s array of more sophisticated and sustainable lighting solutions. From pendant lights to LED downlights to modern lamps, we now have more creative and effective... Read More >>
May / 11

Can New Lights Save You Money?

Is your monthly power bill putting too much pressure on your budget It’s quite possible that your lighting design is chewing through more electricity than it should. If it’s been a while since you’ve updated any of the lights in your home, it could be time to consider switching to some of the newer, more... Read More >>